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Alex Hague

Director of Strength and Conditioning

I’m the new sports strength & conditioning coach at Propel! I coach Olympic weightlifting, but I also use principles of weightlifting in strength & conditioning to improve athletic qualities and enhance motor learning. I currently work with high-performance athletes from a wide variety of sports.

My relationship with sports began with wrestling as a young teen. It became the passion that eventually led to me attending the University of Alberta as a varsity wrestler. This is where I was introduced to Olympic weightlifting for strength training. I took wrestling to the national and briefly international level, but a series of injuries facilitated weightlifting becoming more important to me than wrestling. I had originally entered into university with the sole purpose of wrestling, but this introduction to the barbell gave me a new passion for strength & conditioning, so I changed my academic focus to Kinesiology. After completing my undergraduate degree, I took a gap year to gain as much practical experience as possible coaching strength & condition and Olympic weightlifting. I recently returned to school at the University of Alberta and completed the Master of Coaching program.

I think what sets me apart from other coaches is that I take the time to listen and build lasting relationships with my athletes. My athletes are my friends, and their success and well-being are important to me. That is why I want to coach: to build strong relationships with people and help them grow not only into great athletes, but great people. Obviously, the scientific aspect of training is critically important, but relationships between the individuals of a training environment are what truly create the heart and soul of sport.

In my free time, you can catch me training for weightlifting competitions, hanging out with my cats, playing Magic the Gathering, reading about strength and conditioning, or going on road trips.

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