bailey ernewein

Bailey Ernewein

Patient Experience Manager

What can we say about our Patient Experience Manager Bailey? Well, for starters, looking at her sweet exterior, you would never guess how much she loves scary movies. She has a lot of other interests, like playing soccer, longboarding, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and camping, but her true passion comes from helping people reach their full potential. She is always the first to provide clients and friends alike with tips, tricks, and motivation to move and exercise, and to be moving as best they can be. She loves seeing a smile on peoples face, and really enjoys seeing clients progress and get better with each visit to the clinic. Also, she is SICK at making TikTok videos!

She attended Norquest College to become a Physical Therapy Assistant, with an interdisciplinary course in recreational, occupational, and speech therapy. Bailey continued to gain PTA experience working as a casual IA (Instructional Assistant) at Norquest College. She also worked in elementary schools as an occupational therapy assistant throughout her time as a Therapist Assistant.

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