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Dr. Charla Wilson



Dr. Charla Wilson graduated magna cum laude from Palmer-West College of Chiropractic in San Jose, California in 1994. She received her Bachelor of Science degree (Psychology) from the University of Calgary in 1990. She is a current member of the Grant MacEwan Advisory Committee for their massage therapy program.

Dr. Wilson has twenty three years of private practice experience. Her previous practice experience includes working with a multi-disciplinary team of holistic health professionals in Edmonton, San Francisco and Sacramento, California.

Dr. Wilson is a practitioner whose unique approach to chiropractic blends soft tissue release with exercise rehabilitation and manipulative therapy. She is skilled in a variety of styles of adjusting techniques, ranging from very low force techniques (including use of the Activator), to more traditional and manual diversified chiropractic methods. The type of adjustment and treatment given is completely dependent on the patient’s individual needs and preferences. Dr. Wilson believes in treating people with respect and the care deserved. Her main goal is to help the patient reach their optimum health with chiropractic care and to educate on how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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