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Laurie Plouffe


Owner & Physical Therapist

Laurie is the brains behind the entire Propel Sports Physical Therapy in in Edmonton South – the one who, with more than 20 years of experience in the Physiotherapy industry, had a vision of something more than just your average, run of the mill physio clinic. She’s always had the drive to inspire people to push themselves harder than they imagined they could, and she believes that the right team of professionals can create the perfect environment to make it happen. She’s brought together a team of the most highly skilled Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, and Certified Trainers in one place, to get you moving at your best, treating and even preventing injuries, and improving overall performance. She’s always pushing herself to be better, and to do better, and finds true joy in encouraging others to do the same.

When she’s not at PPI working with clients and mentoring staff, you’ll find her running, hiking, reading, travelling, and supporting her two childrens’ many activities (they’re under 11 and already into skiing, skating, golfing, and surfing – talk about a full plate!!). Laurie will talk your ear off on any topic ranging from Physiotherapy and human anatomy, to the right pairing of wines and cheeses, or, since the pandemic started last year, the perfect sourdough starter and all of its uses – which is impressive considering it’s basically a complete science in itself, let’s be real!

She’s a University of Alberta graduate (2002) with a Masters in Physical Therapy, and holds many other post-grad certifications – functional movement, IMS (intramuscular stimulation), spinal and joint manipulation, golf assessment, and run analysis, just to name a few. No matter what your injury or limitation, Laurie can fix it.

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